Retail Core

Imagine a realm where the illustrious Westlake Park breathes life into the city, infusing each corner with the freshness and vibrancy of nature’s canvas.

Welcome to Retail Core

A canvas of luxury retail and city vibrance

In the pulsating heart of downtown Seattle lies an exquisite neighborhood meticulously woven with the threads of luxury retail, breathtaking cityscapes, and vibrant street life. Welcome to Retail Core, a realm where the exhilarating waves of tourism and local charm converge, crafting an experience draped in extravagance and convenience. Imagine a realm where the illustrious Westlake Park breathes life into the city, infusing each corner with the freshness and vibrancy of nature’s canvas.

Stroll through avenues where each step echoes with the subtle hum of a city symphony. In this distinct part of the city, magnificence is always within arm’s reach, whether in the stunning architecture that grace the skyline or the exquisite retail havens that promise an unparalleled shopping ecstasy. Here, every day is a splendid parade of luxury and comfort, celebrating the elegant convergence of style and utility.

What to Love

  • Premier shopping destinations at your doorstep
  • Situated at the vibrant heart of downtown Seattle
  • Ease and convenience with walkable streets
  • Presence of the magnificent Nordstrom Headquarters

Local Lifestyle

Indulge in a lifestyle adorned with the finest retailers, offering a symphony of style and elegance. At Retail Core, every corner is a stage, and every stage whispers the tales of fashion's finest offerings. Walk through the heart of downtown, where each step brings you closer to a plethora of choices, from haute couture to delightful casuals, ensuring that your style never misses a beat. The vibrant rhythms of the Nordstrom Headquarters embellish the neighborhood's aura, offering an embrace of corporate grandeur and stylish sophistication.

Dining and Entertainment

Nordstrom, a name synonymous with luxury and elegance, awaits your presence, promising a shopping experience that's nothing short of a magnificent soiree. Experience the pinnacle of customer service and immerse yourself in a universe where fashion takes center stage, captivating your senses with its alluring beauty.

Venture into the enchanting lanes of Pike-Pine Corridor, where an orchestra of eclectic vibrancy plays the symphonies of diverse entertainment, tantalizing dining, and unique shopping experiences. Here, the world unfolds in a colorful tapestry of activities, inviting you to indulge in the wonders of nightlife, arts, and cultural treasures.

Immerse yourself in the culinary arts at Lola, where the atmosphere is a delightful blend of warmth and luxury, promising a dining experience that caresses your senses with divine flavors and impeccable service.

For those who crave the fine mastery of culinary perfection, Din Tai Fung invites you to a realm where each dish is a celebration of extraordinary flavors and exquisite craftsmanship.

Things to Do

Dive into the allure of Westlake Center's vibrant atmosphere, where a multitude of delightful activities await your discovery. Explore the wonders of Pike-Pine Corridor, where the streets echo with the lively rhythms of shopping, dining, and endless excitement. Let the Paramount Theatre enchant your senses, inviting you to immerse in a universe filled with splendid arts and captivating performances.

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