Pioneer Square

Welcome to Pioneer Square

A vibrant and historic community famous for being Seattle’s oldest neighborhood.

Founded in the 1850s, Pioneer Square is Seattle's oldest neighborhood, and it has remained an important part of the city's identity ever since. The local lifestyle is a perfect blend of urban convenience and small-town charm, and the community is close-knit and friendly. 

The neighborhood is known for its Victorian-style architecture, cobblestone streets, and lively nightlife. Housing options are diverse and plentiful, ranging from charming Victorians to modern condos. Pioneer Square is also home to local businesses and galleries, making it a hub of activity for residents and visitors alike. Whether you're looking for an urban lifestyle or a more subdued community atmosphere, Pioneer Square is sure to suit your needs.

What to Love

  • Rich culture and history
  • Blend of urban convenience and small-town charm
  • Renowned architecture
  • Phenomenal schools
  • Proximity to Pike Place Market

Local Lifestyle

Locals are proud of Pioneer Square’s unique heritage, and they enjoy a lifestyle centered around the many amenities the neighborhood has to offer. Committed to supporting local businesses and maintaining a sense of history and culture, residents cultivate an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, and culturally enriched. From local restaurants and shops to parks and art galleries, there is something for everyone in Pioneer Square. The neighborhood is also a short walk from some of Seattle's best-known attractions, including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Pioneer Square is an ideal place to live for anyone who wants to be close to the action of downtown Seattle while still feeling like a part of a close-knit community.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The area is home to numerous shops and restaurants, as well as many local businesses. Il Terrazzo Carmine is a popular Italian restaurant in the area, known for its unique atmosphere and delicious food. The London Plane is another popular dining spot in Pioneer Square, offering fresh, local cuisine in a relaxed setting.

For seafood lovers, the Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar has fresh oysters and other seafood dishes. Damn The Weather is a local bar that is perfect for enjoying a drink with friends. They also have a great menu with grass-fed beef and fresh seafood. Overall, Pioneer Square is a great place to enjoy local dining and retail amenities.

Things to Do

Pioneer Square boasts plenty of local amenities and activities to enjoy. Occidental Park is a great place to people-watch or enjoys a picnic lunch, and Waterfall Garden Park is perfect for a calming stroll or some time spent admiring the gardens.

For a unique look at the underground history of the neighborhood, be sure to check out the Beneath the Streets Tour, which takes you beneath the city streets to explore the fascinating history and infrastructure of Seattle. A trip to the top of Smith Tower, the tallest building in Seattle, provides an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Seattle from the observation deck.


Pioneer Square is served by the Seattle public school district, which is well-regarded for its excellent local schools. The district offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from traditional public schools to innovative charter schools. Families in Pioneer Square can be confident that their children will receive a top-quality education, no matter which type of school they choose. In addition, the district's schools are highly diverse, giving students the chance to learn and grow alongside classmates from a variety of backgrounds. With so many great options available, Pioneer Square is an ideal place to raise a family.

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