Why All the Sales Activity at Mosler Lofts?

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 02/26/14
Why all the activity at Mosler Lofts?  Simple answer – A dismissed lawsuit and perfect market conditions for a seller.
YTD there are already 8 sales pending and 2 posted sales at the 2007 built Mosler – including penthouse #2 shown above ($1,825,000).
This has everything to do with their construction defect lawsuit being dismissed. In the 24 months leading up to the dismissal in June of 2013, there were just 13 sales. 13 sales in 2 years!
Since the settlement, there have been 18 sales, and 8 more pending sales that should close within 30 days from now.
That's a total of 26 sales in less than a year since the lawsuit was settled. This should give owners in projects like The Parc, Gallery, and Brix something to look forward to – lawsuit settlement = increased sales.
Learn why lawsuits limit financing.

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