I’m Back, Compass Retreat In Austin Texas

I’m Back, Compass Retreat In Austin Texas

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 11/23/21

I’m Back, Compass Retreat In Austin Texas

I’m back from our Compass Retreat in Austin Texas. I’m going to give you 5 takeaways from the trip (see below) and see the video I just posted to our youtube channel:

First of all, what a great town. I flew out of Seattle on Monday and made it to Austin early in the afternoon. The weather was perfect when we arrived. It was about a 15 minute Uber from the airport to my hotel (stayed at the Downtown Marriott).

Austin Is a Great Town

My first impression of Austin was what I expected. The people were friendly, the food was awesome and the Downtown core near Rainey Street was a perfect setup for the week. Once I checked into the hotel, I made my way to the Line Hotel to pick up my badge for the week. I thought the city was clean, it was easy to uber to, and all of our events were just a short commute from the hotel.

Compass Was Organized and Put on a Great Event

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but this was my first retreat. Compass did an amazing job. From the signage at the airport to the final event of the week with a festive block party, the entire experience was curated beautifully. Throughout the week we had in-person sessions, an all-company meeting, and Gary V as the keynote speaker.
Kudos to all the Compass employees that pulled the event together!

Compass Leadership Was in Attendance

My third takeaway is that the Compass leadership team is strong. Not only were they in attendance but most of them were present throughout the week. The all-company meeting was thoughtful and inventive. The company is rolling out lots of exciting updates over the next few quarters. I really enjoyed seeing the key leaders of the company both on-stage and mingling with the rest of the company throughout the week.

My Colleagues Are Market Makers and Thought Leaders

The secret sauce at our company is the talented real estate brokers. It was truly one of the highlights of the week. It is an amazing opportunity to network with some of the Compass’s best agents from Coast to Coast. I spent a lot of time with a friend of mine from Southern California and was fortunate to meet some of his contacts throughout the week as well. Having access to good-quality real estate agents across the country ensures that you have a good experience regardless of where you move to!

My Last Takeaway – Technology and Speed

The last takeaway from the event is the speed at which real estate is moving. The executive team did a great job explaining what is next for the company. The company is rolling out new features to our all-company platform as we speak. Think of an all-encompassing agent dashboard that allows us to serve our community better and at a speed unmatched. Secondly, in 2022 the company plans to roll out a client dashboard. This will include all things “home” in a seamless client experience.

The bottom line, the retreat was awesome. Looking forward to our next company event in 2022!

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