Buying A Townhome, An Alternative To Condo Living

Buying A Townhome, An Alternative To Condo Living

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 01/30/18

Buying A Townhome

An Alternative To Condo Living

Buying a Townhome (often referred to as a townhouse or skinny) has always been a popular option for many different types of buyers. It is a good option for a lot of you that enjoy the luxury and convenience of a condo. There is a very little yard to maintain, no HOA dues and it can offer a little more space than your typical condo. Townhomes often come with a garage, they are typically 3 bedrooms and at least 2 baths and in some cases, you can find units with killer rooftop decks. Take a look at our list of pros and cons before deciding if a Townhome is right for you.


  • Vertical Space
  • Often cheaper than a traditional single-family home
  • Drought Free Landscaping (No lawn to mow)
  • Typically Larger Than A Condo
  • Garage Parking
  • Mini-Splits (Air Conditioning)
  • Rooftop Deck


  • Stairs | Townhomes often have at least 2 full flights of stairs
  • Ordinary (on occasion) If you don’t pay attention to the design you can often end up with a home that looks like many others in the city
  • Blinds/Window Coverings | Most developers will never add this to the unit. Be prepared, they can be expensive
  • Sewer Capacity Charge: In Seattle, we have what is called an SCC. This is passed on to a buyer and you should budget a minimum of $50-$75 per month
  • Not all townhomes are walkable to popular areas of the city. Pay close attention to the location

Why We Believe In Townhomes

Much like other areas of the country, Seattle is dealing with how to add more urban density. We believe that the Townhome products will be popular for years to come. It is often much less than buying a single-family residence, it gives you a little more space than a condo would and townhomes are CHIC! You can often find townhomes that are designed really well with contemporary interiors, steel, concrete, and wood-clad exteriors and if you look really closely, you can find killer units that have massive roof-top decks.

Have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask – we do this for a living!

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