6 Reasons to Downsize a Home to a Condo

6 Reasons to Downsize a Home to a Condo

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 11/15/17

6 Reasons to Downsize a Home to a Condo

For those of you homeowners out there debating the pros and cons of condo living, we have put together a guide with 6 Reasons to Downsize a Home to a Condo. It should give you some encouraging ideas to consider. We understand condo living isn’t for everyone. However, it is hard to argue that condos don’t offer simplicity and convenience. We’ve detailed How To Buy A Seattle Condo in the past, but this post is designed to help you decide if condo living could be right for you. Downsizing or what we like to call “Right-Sizing” has been a topic of conversation for a lot of families who consider the benefits of staying home in a large home or opting for a change of lifestyle – urban living.

See our infographic below or follow along as we give you 6 reasons to consider a move towards condo living.

Your Kids Are All Grown Up

The kids are out of the house? You are an empty nester! Now what? This is a situation we see with clients every year. Downsizing shouldn’t leave you with sad feelings about leaving the house you raised your kids in – It should be an exciting new chapter to entertain your children and grandchildren in a brand new setting. Whether you move from the suburbs to the city or simply trade home for a high-rise across town, this new transition will be exciting for your entire family. Plus, your grandkids are going to love the movie theatre, homeowners lounge, and swimming pool.

Your Home Is Now Too Big for You

The size of your now empty home can be a deciding factor when moving into a condo. We like to use the word “right-sizing” versus downsizing. It really is about re-balancing and finding a space that suits your lifestyle right now. You don’t need the extra 2-3 bedrooms and the large den. Many of the condos that have been built in recent decades offer plenty of storage and really thoughtful amenities that help you transition to urban living. Plus, you won’t have a lawn to mow – how nice is that?

Enjoy a “Lock and Leave Lifestyle”

We call condo living in Seattle a “lock and leave” lifestyle. In a condo community, there is very little maintenance. You don’t have a lawn, a yard, or a large house to worry about. The homeowner's dues (HOA’s) cover window washing, common area cleaning, and security. You can safely leave your home, lock the door and come back to a unit that was exactly how it was when you left. Condo living really benefits those that love to travel or spontaneously want to leave the city for the weekend. If you are feeling really generous, you can let out-of-town guests stay in the unit while you are away!

Dine Out, Order in, Experience the City

One of the biggest benefits of living in an urban environment is access to everything at your fingertips. Imagine being able to walk out of your front door to enjoy a night on the town. Living in a condo in the heart of the city puts you right in the middle of restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, movie theatres, ballet, music, and more. Most of the newer condo projects in Seattle have Walkscores that exceed 98%.  Life at your fingertips – just a short walk from it all!

Better Access to Freeways | Public Transit

In the Seattle market, those that live Downtown have fantastic access to public transportation. Whether it is catching a bus to a ball game or taking light rail to the airport, living in the city in a brand new condo may help you get to where you are going on time – a record time! Condo living also gets you closer to major hospitals and other health care providers that we all need access to as we continue to age. Who doesn’t want to save a little time in their commute?

Amenities That Fit Your Urban Lifestyle

Condo living comes with a multitude of amenities. Not all projects are the same but if amenities are important to you, some condo projects have it all. Imagine having 24-hour concierge service, access to a gym, Yoga, or palates. Most condo projects have a homeowners lounge, a media room, and an amazing rooftop deck. You’ll also find pools, saunas, business centers, and guest suites. Guest suites offer your guests private access to a “hotel-like suite” in your building. They are generally very inexpensive as well – Some you can rent for as little as $50 per night! Robust amenities can make a good project great.

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