5 Most Expensive Bellevue Condo Sales 2020

5 Most Expensive Bellevue Condo Sales 2020

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 03/31/22

5 Most Expensive Bellevue Condo Sales 2020

I’m going to show you the 5 most expensive condo sales this year in Bellevue. I went to the Downtown Bellevue Park this week to run through each condo sale in a video I posted to my Youtube channel. See below.

Moving To Bellevue

Bellevue has momentum. There are a number of major tech companies that are diversifying their office space by moving to Bellevue from Downtown Seattle. Some companies are leaving Seattle all together. Seattle has no one to blame but themselves. A wealth tax, homeless crisis, rioting and protesting are just some of the reasons employees are making the move. This has created an incredible transfer of wealth and assets to the Eastside.

5 Most Expensive Condo Sales

So that brings us to the 5 most expensive Bellevue condo sales for 2020. First on the list is Lincoln Tower. This is the former penthouse of Hall of Fame Baseball player Edgar Martinez. The unit is a 2 story penthouse with exceptional views. Click each photo below to see more details and additional photos.

Number One | Lincoln Tower | 650 Bellevue Way


Number Two, Three and Five | One88 Condos By Bosa

Second, third and fifth on the list is One88 by Bosa. For those of you unfamiliar, One88 is located at 2nd and Bellevue Way. One88’s location will be forever popular due to its west facing views over the protected Downtown Bellevue Park. With just 21 stories, there are 147 unique homes. I’ve sold in the building and love it. Not just for the location, but they have a nice set of amenities, spacious outdoor patio and simple but beautiful interiors.

Number Four | Bellevue Towers

Four on the list is Bellevue Towers. Bellevue Towers has been around for nearly 14 years. Built in 2007, Bellevue Towers came to market during the great recession and struggle mightily. Since then the 2 tower highrise flourished. Now the building has staying power. It is the largest condo building in Bellevue and I imagine it will be popular for years to come.
That sums up our list of the 5 most expensive Bellevue condo sales for 2020. Take a look at the 5 most expensive sales in Seattle as well.
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