10 Things To Do Immediately, After Buying A Home Or Condo

10 Things To Do Immediately, After Buying A Home Or Condo

  • Jeff Reynolds
  • 03/2/22

Buying a new home or condo is exciting. With that said, there are so many things you should consider to make the process as smooth as possible. I’m going to share the 10 most important things you should do once you close on your new home/condo.

Tv, Cable, and Wifi

Call your local cable company and have them transfer your account.

Transfer Utilities

(Garbage, recycling, compost, and sewer). If you own a home you should have cans sitting out by the garage or in your alley. Just call the number on your container and let them know you are the new homeowner.

Update Your Address

You’ll want to contact the DMV, banks, friends, family, credit cards, magazines, etc. Start by doing a mail forward on the USPS website.

Change Your Locks

Call up a locksmith or go to the hardware store and buy new locks/keys.

Important Documents

Birth Certificates, passports, etc. Find a good hiding spot for them.

Locate Your Shut-off Valves

Look at your inspection report to find your water shut-off valves. You may need these in case of an emergency.

Create a Home Maintenance Checklist

Who do you need to hire? Housecleaner? Landscaper?

Get a Security System

Take a look at ARLO, Nest, or Ring. You will appreciate the peace of mind.

Install a Smart Doorbell

Just trust me on this. This is a game-changer. You can track your packages, look at who is at your door before you answer, and even let a house guest know that you are stuck at work and will be home shortly to meet them.

Test the Smoke Detectors

You might consider Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms. They are super simple, effective, and can be managed from your phone.


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